Chương trình Trao đổi Sinh viên Mekong Friendship Project 2016 tại Thái Lan



As part of Thailand’s efforts to promote people-to-people relations with her neighbours, young people can play an important role in fostering mutual understanding between Thais and peoples of the neighbouring countries. Strong people-to-people relations among the younger generation, who are a valuable human resource of a country, is particularly important as it will become the necessary foundation for the long lasting mutual understanding and relationship in the future.


Mekong Friendship Project provides a platform for the youths from Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, and Vietnam to participate in charitable works, and to deepen the knowledge of their own countries by exploring the region. Mekong Friendship Project, therefore, offers young people the opportunity to widen their perspectives, express their opinions, enhance their leadership, and engage in discussions on the development of the sub-region, all of which help to further broaden and strengthen the youth network in the region. Mekong Friendship Project has been held annually for the past 4 years. The project’s success is well proven and its popularity among young people is ever increasing.


The 5th Mekong Friendship Project of 2016 will be held along the main theme of “Cultures through the River Flows”, which focuses on three sub-themes: (1) World Heritage and cultural connectivity in the sub-region; (2) tackling global warming; and (3) the philosophy of sufficiency economy.



1. To foster and to encourage positive attitudes; to promote learning and problem solving on issues shared by countries in the sub-region, with the aim to providing a foundation for promoting people-to-people relations as well as knowledge relating to the main theme and subthemes

2. To establish a relationship and communication network for young people in the region, in order to facilitate exchanges of thoughts and experiences, which can lead to a long-lasting friendship for the new generation

3. To support the role of young people in publicising and promoting the utilization of transport routes and multidimensional connectivity in the sub-region


Eligibility Criteria

1. The funding is open for citizens of Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, and Vietnam.

2. Applicants must be in their first or second year of higher education.

3. Applicants must have basic knowledge of the Greater Mekong Sub-region and of the ASEAN Community.

4. Applicants must have a good command of English.

5. Applicants must have a passport that is valid for at least 6 months (valid at least 6 months from 12th September 2016) and be able to obtain a visa, if required, for travelling to those countries stated in the tentative programme.


Required Documents

1. Completed and signed application form

2. Résumé or brief bio-data

3. Copy of passport

4. Copy of academic transcript

5. Completed parental consent form

6. Copy of related research papers (optional)

7. Copy of language proficiency test results (optional)


Application Process

1. Call for application – The completed application form and relevant documents must be sent to one of the following e-mail addresses according to your country of origin by 5 pm (Bangkok GMT+7) on 22nd August 2016.


Vietnamese applicants

Royal Thai Embassy, Hanoi, Vietnam

26 Phan Boi Chau St., Hanoi, Vietnam

Tel : 043 823 5092 – 4 Fax : 043 823 5088

E-mail :


Royal Thai Consulate-General, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

77 Tran Quoc Thao Street, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Tel : (848) 3932-7637-8 Fax : (848) 3932-6002

E-mail :


2. Announcement of selected applicants – The selection result will be announced on 26th August 2016. Only those who are selected will be notified via e-mail, which will contain a participation confirmation form for the programme.

3. Participation confirmation – To confirm participation in this program, the selected participants must complete and sign the participation confirmation form and send it to by 5 pm (Bangkok GMT+7) on 30 th August 2016.

4. The Mekong Friendship Project of 2016 will be held between 12th – 23rd September 2016.


Provision of funding

Funding for the selected participants includes the following:

1. Return flights for international participants

2. Domestic and international flights as stated in the programme (if any)

3. Local transports

4. Accommodations

5. Meals

***Please note that the following are not included in the funding***

– Visa fees (if occurred)

– Any other expenses not directly related to the programme

Rules and Regulations

1. All participants are required to take part in every activity throughout the program.

2. Participants are not permitted to leave designated accommodations or locations without permission granted individually during the program, at all times.

3. Narcotics and alcoholic beverages are prohibited under any circumstances.

4. By signing the application form, you grant the Mekong Friendship Project 2016 team the permission to use, publish, and reproduce all contents including photos, videos and any achievements created by the participants during the programme, for all purposes, including publicity, promotion and advertising, in any form of media without compensation, credit or right of review or approval.


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