Tổ chức Sáng kiến tiếp cận dịch vụ y tế (CHAI) tuyển thực tập sinh 2016





Position:                      Intern

Supervisor:                  Finance and HR Lead

Duration:                     2 to 3 months, starting from June 10, 2016

Work place:                 Hanoi, Vietnam

The Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI) is a trusted advisor to governments worldwide, helping them transform the way they provide health services to their people. In Vietnam, CHAI works with a number of national institutions, especially the Vietnam Authority of HIV/AIDS Control (VAAC), to help the government reach national HIV targets, especially 1) universal Anti-Retroviral Therapy (ART) coverage, and 2) eliminating Mother to Child Transmission of HIV. Established in Vietnam in 2006, CHAI has emphasized a sustainable and integrative approach to health systems strengthening premised on a close partnership with government to build national capacity. CHAI believes that strengthening the government’s capacity to manage and coordinate the national health system is the most effective approach to improving health outcomes in the long-term.


CHAI’s team in Vietnam consists of a dynamic core of 9 in addition to expert resources available at the regional and global levels. CHAI is now seeking for a Vietnamese national to fill an internship position for the Vietnam Office.  This position is open to University students and recent graduates hoping to gain some exposure to the public health field.


Main Responsibilities:

  • Assist in translation and interpretation from English to Vietnamese and vice versa
  • Support to handle incoming/outgoing telephone calls, letters, faxes, postal packages, etc.
  • Assit in managing filing system (both soft and hard correspondences)
  • Support to take meeting minutes when necessary
  • Support to maintain office supplies and office maintenance
  • Support to arrange travel logistics for all staff
  • Support to arrange visa, resident permit and work permit for expats
  • Assist in procurement process
  • Assist in organizing meetings, trainings and events when required
  • Assist program team in development of contracts/agreements, project budgets, program materials, survey and data analysis, etc.
  • Other support to office as requested.



  • University degree (achieved or in progress) in a relevant field such as English, journalism, public health, development, business, economics or linguistics
  • Fluency in Vietnamese and English
  • Computer literacy: Fluent in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Windows, and internet research
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Excellent organizational skills, attention to detail, and determination to meet deadlines


A one-page cover letter should specify the position sought and highlight why the candidate believes they are the right person for the position. A CV detailing professional experience and relevant qualifications should be provided. Interested candidates should send materials to vietnam_office@clintonhealthaccess.org. Indicate position sought in the subject line. Applications will be reviewed as they arrive, but must be received by 31 May 2016. Only shortlisted candidates will be invited for interview.

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