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Đây là dự án do một số cựu du học sinh Việt Nam sang lập vào tháng 8 năm 2016 và nhận được tài trợ của Đại Sứ Quán Hoa Kỳ tại Hà Nội tháng 9 năm 2016.

Thông tin chi tiết mời các bạn xem bên dưới.


Duration: 9 months
Location: Hanoi, Vietnam
Viet Nam Youth Parliament (VNYP) project is aimed to create a lawful and professional platform for young Vietnamese people to discuss and contribute their skills, knowledge, and experience to help resolve rising issues facing the Vietnamese youth. VNYP’s activities include learning sessions(s), training workshops, panel discussions, debates, community services, and educational simulation based on the Vietnamese National Assembly (VNA) format. The ultimate goal of VNYP is to make the young segment of Vietnamese population (high school and college students) more attentive to national issues and more involved in the policy making process.



Project team members will have chance to:

  • Make a positive social change by empowering Vietnamese youth;
  • Work with the most fun, talented and passionate group of young professionals;
  • Learn from advisors who are notable intellectuals and influential individuals;
  • Gain essential working experience and apply knowledge, skills and passion in a challenging yet exciting environment;
  • Enrich your Resume by being part of an innovative and pioneering project in Vietnam;
  • Have a certificate of participation by Office of the National Assembly and other organizing parties.
  • Project team members will also be given a humble compensation (for spendings on transportation, meetings, communication, etc).


  1. Job title: Assistant event management.
    Vacancy: 02
    Key responsibilities:
    – Set up logistics planning for event dates.
    – Generate creative ideas for events.
    – Co-ordinate with project and production teams in the execution of the project and/or assignment.
    – Mobilize volunteers and materials.
    – Organize field trips (to National Assembly Complex, the Presidential Palace) and community service trips.
    – Produce detailed proposals for events (i.e timelines, venues, suppliers, legal obligation, staffing and budgets).
    – Motivate and inspire other team members assigned to the projects
    – Assist the team leader other tasks as assigned.
    – Self-motivated, energetic and responsible team player.
    – Good communication skills in written and spoken English.
    – Able to work well in teams and individually.
    – Detailed-oriented and highly responsible.
    – Experienced in organizing and managing events is a plus.
    Job title: Programme assistant 
    Vacancy: 01
    Key responsibilities:
    – Build learning sessions curriculum.
    – Design soft-skill training workshops.
    – Choose topics and plan agenda for debates and panel discussions.
    – Participate in the designing process of the overall program for final- grand meeting.
    – Possess general knowledge in multiple fields such as law, politics, education, sustainable development, economics, social studies and youth development.
    – Self-motivated, energetic and responsible team player.
    – Good communication skills in written and spoken English.
    – Able to work well in teams and individually.
    – Detailed-oriented and highly responsible.
    – A writing sample (in English and/or Vietnamese) attached in job application is a plus.
  2. Job title: Communication assistant- Cameraman
    Vacancy: 01
    Key responsibilities:
    – Shoot and record events and produce on-event/ behind the scene footages.
    – Work with other teams to determine the overall vision of the production.
    – Choose and present interesting materials for audience.
    – Essential knowledge and understanding of current trends in digital media/ social media.
    – Proven experience as a cameraman (a footage attached with CV will be appreciated).
    – Sufficient skill in video editing software (Adobe Premiere, Adobe after effects…).
    – Respond quickly to directions.
    – A team player.
    – Work under pressure and time constraint.
    – Attention to details.
    Job title: Communication assistant- Website developer 
    Vacancy: 01
    Key responsibilities:
    – Write the programming code, either from scratch or by adapting existing website software and graphics packages to meet project’s requirements.
    – Test the website and identify any technical problems.
    – Create and maintain software documentation.
    – Be responsible for maintaining, expanding, and scaling our site (in 9 month, from Nov 2016 to June 2017).
    – Cooperate with chief designer to match visual design intent.
    – Work with other teams to determine the overall vision of the production.
    – Skills and knowledge in software programming and graphics.
    – Proven working experience in the field (work sample attached with CV will be appreciated).
    – Strong organisational skills to juggle multiple tasks within the constraints of timelines and budgets.
    – A team player; Good interpersonal and communication skills; Respond quickly to directions.Creativity and imagination.
    – Attention to details.


Deadline: before midnight Friday, Oct 15
Contact: Submit your CV to recruit.vnyp@gmail.com

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