Towards Transparency Tuyển Thực Tập Sinh Truyền Thông 2016 (Có Lương)


Towards Transparency là Cơ quan đầu mối quốc gia của tổ chức phi chính phủ thế giới Transparency International, được thành lập năm 2008 mục tiêu góp phần vào công cuộc đấu tranh phòng, chống tham nhũng.

Job title: Communications Intern

Location: Hanoi

Starting Date: 15/4/2016

Key Responsibility: Provide support to TT’s organisational communications

Reporting to: Communications Officer

Position Type: Vietnamese national post, part- time

Contract duration: 15/4 – 14/6/2016


Communications Intern

  • TT’s usage of social media (Facebook, Youtube, Google +, Linked In) to engage audience and keep them updated of TT’s current and future activities
    • Assist with creation and production of visual materials for TT’s existing social media accounts.
    • Assist with updating and sustaining content on these platforms, based on schedule as agreed with the supervisor.
    • Assist with management (creating, tracking and reporting) of online events, in particular on Facebook and TT’s website.
  • Website administration
    • Update online event calendar on the web
    • Update photo gallery (via Flickr)
    • Assist with drafting articles for review
    • Provide translation of web content as assigned
  • Development of a new website for CENSOGOR – TT’s partner in implementing the TI Vietnam Strategy 2016 – 2020
    • Assist with identifying needs of CENSOGOR’s potential web audience
    • Assist with the analysis and summary of TT’s needs and demands to brief technical partner
    • Assist with defining and contacting suitable technical partner
  • Events that TT hosts or collaborates to organize
    • Support with exhibition of TT’s publications and promotional materials
    • Take quality photos for communicational purposes
    • Assist with contacting media and other stakeholders (via e-mail, phone, post) and getting confirmation
    • Other logistic support as assigned
  • Monitoring and Evaluation of TT’s communications
    • Provide weekly media tracking of TT/TI
    • Provide relevant staff with specific tracking of critical events
    • Provide regular tracking of TT’s external events (that TT’s staff attend and contribute)
  • Support internal communications
    • Provide staff with communication templates and guidelines to ensure consistency of TT’s visual identity
    • Support with TT’s library management
    • Assist with management of TT’s photo gallery and event notice board

Job Requirements

  • Skills and Qualifications:
    • Excellent English, both verbal and written
    • Proven editing skill is a strong advantage
    • Excellent computer skills with experience in Social Media and MS Office (MS Words, MS Excel, MS Power-point, Outlook)
    • Proven capacity to perform digital media skills (graphic designing, clip making) is a strong asset
    • Internship experience in development work is a strong advantage
    • Interested applicants must be in third or fourth year of a relevant undergraduate degree (Social sciences, English, Public Administration, Development Studies, Communications, Arts & Design); graduate applicants are also welcomed.
  • Personal qualities:
    • Strong and demonstrated interest and motivation to anti-corruption
    • A reputation for and commitment to integrity and honesty
    • Attentive to detail, diligent and reliable
    • Comfortable working to tight deadlines at a high level of quality
    • Open-minded and willing to learn and apply new concepts
    • A team player with strong interpersonal, inter-cultural and communication skill

Allowance, benefits and other information

The communication internship is for those who are serious about pursuing their career path in communications / marketing / non-profit / development field. The intern is expected to work 25 hours a week within our official working time (8.00 AM – 6.00 PM, Monday to Friday).

Allowance: 3,000,000 VND / month.

Deadline and application details

Interested candidates should send their motivation letter, CV and contact details of 3 references in English to

The application should be sent as attachment(s) and clearly marked “Communications Intern” in the email title.

The closing date for applications is 27th March 2016. Only shortlisted candidates will be notified.

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